Why should I stage my home?

We know that your house is generally the most valuable asset you’ll ever own and can often be a very stressful process therefore its vital to have your property marketed and presented by an experts. We will provide a team of trained stylists that are in touch with market trends and know how to create a sense of continuity and space to best appeal to the buyers you will be selling to. We are able to provide advise and staging expertise and approach your house objectively and with the knowledge and experience of what your buyers are looking for.

How long does it take to stage?

Generally it takes about 4-5 hours for the installation of an average 3 Brm home, this is in addition to our initial consultation and the planning for the staging.

Do you provide staging services for Owner-Occupied Homes?

Yes, we do provide partial staging for those still living on the premises . During the consultation we offer advise on what furniture we would recommend bringing in that would enhance existing furniture you may have. This is to ensure colours, styles and accessories are all cohesive and complimentary to your house. In addition we provide advise on decluttering and tips on how to get your home ready pre staging.

How much does it cost to stage?

Our prices start from $2580 + GST for 5 weeks for an a standard 2 bedroom house or apartment. This is an all-inclusive price for 2 bedrooms, 1 lounge, 1 dining room, bathroom and a kitchen. We are available to meet you or your real estate agent on site at a convenient time to view the property and provide you with a free, no obligation quote. Note that prices may vary during peak times.

How long is the staging in for?

The staging period is a total of 5 weeks, with the 5th week free allowing time for the photography and marketing. Most homes staged with Mainstage are sold within this period of time if not sooner, however we can extend the installation if required on a week by week basis

What does the staging include?

Our price includes our expert team of stylists to prepare all of the required furniture, art, soft furnishings and decor accents for styling, transportation, maintenance, packup and removal.

What styles do you stage?

We can accommodate any style and size of house. We have a varied style profile which sets us apart from others. From contemporary to modern retro and vintage style accents that will ensure that any home can be styled to suit potential buyers.

Who is responsible for insurance?

We are responsible for insurance of all of our furniture; however you will still need insurance for your house and property.